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Financially Empowering the Next Generation

Sezzle's mission is to financially empower the next generation.Our easy installment plans mean you can buy now, pay later and budget responsibly for the things you need and love. As a B Corp, Sezzle's goal is to help everyone pursue financial freedom, and to invest in social good initiatives that shape a better world.

Payments with Purpose

At Sezzle, we're committed to putting purpose alongside profitability. Being named a Public Benefit Corporation allowed us to formally align Sezzle's long standing mission of "financially empowering the next generation" with our corporate governance. Sezzle puts weight behind our words by establishing scholarship funds, aiding the environmental and education systems through nonprofits, and perhaps most importantly – working alongside our Partners with Purpose; companies that share a common goal to benefit communities at large. Together with our partners, we are creating a socially-responsible future of payments and retail.


We are committed to protecting our planet and decreasing our environmental impact.

People Empowerment

We support empowering people in their communities and helping them achieve financial freedom.

Food Accessibility

We support partners dedicated to increasing access to nutritious foods for people in need.


We are proud to work with partners who promote mental and physical wellness.

Certified B Corp

Proud to be a Certified B-Corp

Now a designated B Corp, Sezzle joins a movement of innovative, socially-conscious brands collectively paving the way for future generations. Sezzle is determined to prove that all industries – even payments – can do their part to provide solutions and make a positive impact today and into the future.

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Questions for the Sezzle Investor Relations team? Email us at investorrelations@sezzle.com.